PRO - Emergency skin repairing serum (refreshing & non steroidal) / 新升級版 - 專業舒緩修復抗敏感精華(不含類固醇及抗生素)



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📣🚚優惠後購滿$400以上 香港、澳門免運費,謝謝🙏🏻 (注意⚠️選購不足$400快遞會自動選擇運費到付) 海外客戶 (非香港): 付款前請聯絡本網站的伙記,客戶請提供地址及聯絡方法以便計算運費,澳門客人順豐直送。 海外客戶可以以Visa、Master、Google pay 、Apple pay 付款 新升級版 - 專業舒緩修復抗敏感精華(不含類固醇) 適合敏感皮膚使用 揉合多種高效成分 , 透過 「 消炎 」 、 「 補水 」 、 「 抗氧化 」 、 「 止痕 」 、 「 促進新陳代謝 」 、和「 抗菌 」 六大醫學機制 ,快速修復嚴重受損肌膚細胞及組織,全面舒緩不同炎症及敏感症狀,並同時減輕痕癢,燒灼感和疼痛的相關皮膚問題。 功效 : - 修復受損肌膚,幫助傷口癒合 - 舒緩濕疹及改善脫屑皮膚問題 - 消炎抗菌,舒緩濕疹及不同敏感肌膚問題 - 增加皮膚水份及強化天然保濕屏障 - 提升皮膚抗自由基能力及免疫力 - 減低壞細菌所引致發炎情況,令皮膚狀態得到明顯改善。 用法 : 天然成份,每次使用前必須搖勻,先清潔敏感位置再噴上精華素 ,並同時用指尖輕力按打以助皮膚吸收 。 使用次數需視乎敏感嚴重性 :一般修護 ,每天兩次 ,情況嚴重時可持續使用 。 PRO - Emergency skin repairing serum (refreshing & non steroidal) Ideal for sensitive skin Benefits: - Repairs damaged skin and speeds wound healing - Improves eczema and desquamation skins - Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial, soothes different allergies - Improves skin hydration and fortifies natural moisture barrier - Boosts up skin anti-free radical ability and immunity - Alleviates skin inflammatory symptoms caused by harmful bateria and ameliorate skin condition Directions: Shake well before use. Pat the serum softly on sensitive skin areas after cleansing; Tap skin gently to aid absorption . Frequency of use depends on problem's severity . Twice daily for normal use, may increase frequency for severe case. net contents : 0.3oz/10ml Caution: keep away direct sunlight and high temperature. Made from natural botanical ingredients. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. Small parts choking hazard. If swallowed, drink plenty of water and get medical attention. The serum is used up within 30 days after opening to achieve the best activity. And it is recommended to put the unused serum after opening under 20 degrees Celsius. ***Sedimentation is a natural phenomenon , this plant-based formula product with no quality issue, please shake well before use.

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